Ceramic tile is a great flooring material that is very low maintenance, durable and stylish.

The use of Ceramic and porcelain tiles are becoming more general throughout the world.


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Ceramic tile is a natural product

The raw materials that they are made of come from the earth which, together the water and firing, produce a natural high quality product. All this is produced through the use of three basic environmental elements: earth or clay, water and fire.

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Ceramic tile is asy to clean

Ceramic ware is characterised by its easiness to clean, its ability to be kept from dirt and any type of corruption. Ceramic ware is easily and simply cleaned with a damp cloth and if the surface is dirty or greasy, cleaning agents such as detergents or bleach may be used.

Ceramic tile is hygienic and antiallergenic

The ability of ceramic surfaces to prevent humidity, also prevents the development of colonies of germs and fungi that are easily generated in constructions with deficient permeability.

Final installation

Ceramic surfaces do not require any maintenance after they have been laid, except normal cleaning.