Ceramic tile from China

China is the largest ceramic and porcelain tile manufacturing country in the world. 

China’s ceramic tile companies are paying more attention to intellectual property protection and innovative designs, and as a direct result a large number of innovative products appeared. Many internationally renowned designers are commissioned by leading Chinese manufacturers. 

The six major ceramic tile production centers, all of which have complete raw materials and supplier networks and a knowledgeable workforce, are located in: Foshan in Guangdong Province (Guangdong Dongpeng Ceramic, Foshan Oceano Ceramics, Guangdong New Pearl Ceramics, Foshan KITO Ceramic, Guangdong Wonderful Ceramics, Guangdong Eagle Ceramics, Guangdong R.A.K. Ceramics, New Zhongyuan Ceramics, Foshan Gani Ceramics, Guangdong White Rabbit Ceramics); Zibo and Linyi in Shandong Province; Jiajiang in Sichuan Province; Shanghai (Shanghai Cimic Tile, Shanghai ASA Ceramic, Hangzhou Nobel Group); Jinjiang in Fujian Province (SANWON Ceramics and Tengda Ceramics); Jianping and Faku in Liaoning Province. 

Chinese ceramic/porcelain tile manufacturers produce a wide range of formats, and is a leading developer of large format ceramic and porcelain tile products (floor tiles — 100x100 to 1200x1200; interior wall tiles — 108x108 to 900x600; and mosaic exterior wall tiles — 25x25 to 240x60). 

Because of the quality China’s manufacturers have achieved over the years, the country is enjoying a newly gained international reputation and popularity for its value. Currently, more than 16 major multinational ceramic tile manufacturers are sourcing from China, with 60% of the products exported and 40% sold in China’s domestic market. 

source:  chinatiles.org