Ceramic tiles are flat, thin items made of clay, silica, fluxes, colouring and other raw materials fired in a kiln.

They are almost always finished with a durable glaze which carries the color and pattern.

These tiles are used in both wall tile and floor tile applications, are softer and easier to cut than porcelain, and usually carry a PEI 0 to 3 rating.

Ceramic tiles are usually suitable for very light to moderate traffic and generally have a relatively high water absorption rating making them less frost resistant and they are more prone to wear and chipping than porcelain tiles.

Since ceramic tile can be a beautiful, durable, easily cleaned, and affordable surface. It became a widely used product on almost every continent of the modern world.

ceramic tile advantages

Fire resistant - will not feed a fire or release toxic emissions
Moisture resistant
Wears well and resistant to scratches
Stain resistant
Resistant to chemical damage
East to clean